Self portrait

Hotel Bristol, Oslo, Norway 2013 ©Lars N. Løvdal


My name is Lars N. Løvdal and I am a photographer currently based in a little town nearby Arendal, Norway.

In April 2013, a friend of mine asked me if I had ever heard about people taking photos of “random” strangers in the streets. I checked it out on the internet, and discovered a whole new world. From that day, I have been almost addicted to street photography. Thanks to all the generous people out there who share their knowledge through the internet, I have learned so much so far.

Since I grew up in the country, it was natural for me to start photographing nature, animal and sport. My father introduced me to his SLR when I was about 13 y.o. and that’s 11 years ago now.

Working as a freelance sports journalist in the Norwegian newspaper Agderposten, I also have a bit experience with writing articles.

I see that photography has a lot in common with music (I have a background as a musician). We have our idols that we look up to, and we have to practice to get good at it. Musicians play music not only for their own sake, but also to make the listeners feel something. For me it’s exactly the same with photography. Looking at photographs can learn us a great deal about other human being. What would history be without photography and art?

After working in a local sports shop for three years, and trying to study something that was wrong for me, I’ve decided to go back to photography and study multimedia, photo, film and design.

Through this website/blog I want to share my passion for photography.


Some of my sources of inspiration (Photographers)

Alex Webb

Bellamy Hunt (Japan Camera Hunter)

Eric Kim

Eugene Smith

Garry Winogrand

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Joel Meyerowitz

Kai Man Wong (Digital Rev TV)

Robert Frank

Ted Forbes (The Art Of Photography)

Thomas Leuthard

Vivian Maier

William Eggleston

William Klein


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