Leica M6

Street photography

I use exclusively film for street photography. Many people ask me why, and I think Charlie Kirk stated it well:

“Film really is better than digital. It just looks nicer. End of debate” – Charlie Kirk

After trying different types of films, I think Kodak Tmax 400 is my favorite b&w. So thats the one I use the most, for continuity in terms of look in my work. As for color: Kodak Etkar 100 and Portra 400.

Up on to now, I’ve been using Olympus OM2 and 50mm f/1,8 (Canon canonet for about a month) for streets. Being a bit loud and big (plus I have dreamed about a Leica for years), I decided to buy an M6.

I bought myself a Leica M6 with Leica Summicron 50mm f/2, a fantastic tool that I’m learning to master.

Journalistic work

Canon 7D with various lenses. For sports, I have the opportunity to use a Canon 5D mk2 with 70-200 f/2,8L

Film and TV

Sony EX1 and EX3

Black Magic Cinema


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