Check out the Lomography Petzval lens

Sony A7 with Lomography Petzval


The kickstarter-founded Lomography Petzval lens is something out of the ordinary. With the support from over 3000 bankers, it became one of the most successful Kickstarter projects ever in only 30 days.



Mini project in Prague. “Underground – Prague”

Just got home from my vacation in Prague – Czech Republic. Using the metro a lot, I thought I should do a mini project with pictures from the underground of Prague. Here are the result.

Click for lager view!

Underground - Prague

Underground – Prague


Canon Canonet QL19 G-iii – My new rangefinder.

Canon canonet camera

Canon canonet QL19

So. This is my fourth analog camera (so far), yet my first rangefinder ever. And as a street photographer, rangefinders seems to be the preferred choice. Not only because of the technical functions, but also the size, and how you appear to whom you are taking the photos of. Since I got the camera today, this is a first impression review. A more in depth review will come later.


10 lessons Eric Kim has taught me about street photography

Marceille, France. 2012 © Eric Kim

Eric Kim was the first photographer I started following. He is also the reason that I started with street photography. Therefor I think it’s appropriate to write my first article about him. This is going to be about the most important things Eric Kim has taught me, and my thoughts around it.
(My english is a bit bumpy, but bare with me)


My new project – "Markets"

I’m starting up a project parallel to my “Workers” project. I call it “Markets”. It will contain photos from places like supermarkets, flea markets, food markets and so on, and life around it. I find markets to be very interesting, with a lot of things happening.

People doesn’t seem to matter about me taking their photos when they’re at the market. Also, it will be a good way for me to practice and gain more confidence when it comes to approach strangers on the streets.

I’m exited to see how this project takes away 🙂